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ESEH and Humanities 23 septembre 2013

Vilnius Declaration on Humanities for the Environment

ESEH and Humanities
The European Environmental Humanities Alliance, of which ESEH is a member, has recently set up a task force which has the aim to work on reporting about the state of the environmental humanities in Europe, contribute to their agenda, and in general further their role in European policy-making.

In this context the task force has drafted a joint declaration on Humanities for the Environment to coincide with the Lithuanian EU Presidency Conference on “Horizons in for Social Sciences and Humanities.”

This seems an auspicious moment to draw attention to and organize Environmental Humanities researchers in Europe and beyond to participate in setting the research agenda and structure of work programmes for Horizon 2020, the new funding framework that will channel 28 billion euros into research in the next seven years.

Publié ici : http://eseh.org/vilnius-declaration-on-humanities-for-the-environment/
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