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Desire for the Wild 27 septembre 2013

Desire for the Wild – Wild Desires? The trouble with rewilding

Desire for the Wild
The latest Exploring Environmental history podcast returns to Wicken Fen in England and explores the concept of rewilding. In April a workshop was held at Wicken Fen reserve entitled: Desire for the Wild, Wild Desires? Re-wilding in a world of social, environmental and climate change. This workshop considered what wild and rewilding of nature means and what history can contribute to efforts to rewild and restore landscapes and ecosystems.
The guest on this podcast is is Dolly Jorgensen, a historian of Science and the Environment based at Umea University in Sweden. Dolly presented a paper at the workshop on how rewilding has been an argument meaning different things to different academic sub-groups, all with a different historical notion of when was wild. Dolly deconstructs the different meanings of rewilding, and also follows the trail to find wildness all around us.
This podcast is the first of two episodes exploring the Desire for the Wild, Wild Desires? workshop.
Publié ici : http://www.eh-resources.org/podcast/podcast.html#53
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