Portail des Humanités Environnementales

Call for Candidates Doctoral Program “Environment and Society” at LMU Munich, Germany 26 avril 2017

The Doctoral Program in Environment and Society invites applications from graduates in the humanities and social sciences who wish to research the complex relationships between environment and society within an interdisciplinary setting.

Call for Candidates Doctoral Program “Environment and Society”  at LMU Munich, Germany
Applicants wishing to be admitted to this doctoral program must hold a Master's degree from a recognized university, show evidence of excellence in their field of study, and present a plan for a doctoral project in one of the following areas or combination of areas:
• Environmental History, History of Science and Technology
• Environmental Humanities, Literature and Environment
• Art and the Environment in Historical Perspective
• Environmental Sociology, Political Economy
• Energy and Resource Economics for Sustainability
• Geography, Human-Environment Relations
• Geology and Natural Catastrophes
• Bioarchaeology, Life Sciences in Society
• Environmental Law
• Environmental Policy (Comparative and International) , Politics of Ecological Transitions
• Environmental Ethics
• Environmental Anthropology

Please submit your application by 15 May 2017 via the online portal of the LMU Munich

Pour plus d'informations veuillez vous réferer à l'appel complet sur le site du Centre Rachel Carson