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Understanding ecology 16 juin 2014

Seminar : Understanding ecology through the humanities : from the wild to post-collapse, June 16-19 2014
Symposium : Preparing for post-collapse? Implementing environmental humanities, June 18-21 2014

Understanding ecology
Venue : The University of Zurich Botanic Gardens, Zurich, Switzerland, 16-21 June 2014.

The Saguf Working Group for Environmental Humanities:
Philippe Forêt, University of Zurich/University of Orleans
Marcus Hall, University of Zurich Christoph Kueffer, ETH ‐Zurich
Philippe Saner, University of Zurich

This seminar (June 16-19) is designed especially for ecology doctoral students who are interested in understanding how the humanities may shed light on their own projects. The starting point will be  participants' own ecological research: "What is the big picture for why you are doing this research?; What are the human biases in the results being obtained? How will your research help resolve humanity's pressing issues?"  Graduate students outside of ecology are also welcome.  This graduate seminar will overlap with an international symposium of environmental humanities (June 18-21), "Scientists as Humanists / Humanists as Scientists: Preparing for Post-Collapse."  Guest lecturers and instructors will participate in both the graduate seminar and symposium.

Voir le programme ici : http://www.ieu.uzh.ch/teaching/phd/graduate/EHFlyer2014.pdf

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