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Society of Ethnobiology 2013 20 mai 2012

13th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology Montpellier (France), 20-25 May 2012.

Society of Ethnobiology 2013
While many examples in ethnobiological research have attempted to build strong linkages between local communities and national and international research teams, a major challenge put forward to our community of ethnobiologists in the 2012 congress will be to improve our understanding of how research in ethnobiology can fruitfully build on partnerships both with local organizations and with public authorities.
Many concrete examples of strong involvement of researchers in Montpellier with local and regional public administration (Department, Region) and with local citizen organizations (environmental NGOs, agricultural and forestry associations) will provide food for thought during the congress upon ways on how academic research may link fruitfully with citizen organizations as well as public administration.
A second framework for developing reflections on the conceptual basis of ethnobiology as well as on methods in the discipline concerns the new role attributed to local knowledge and know-how in the context of environmental issues and sustainable development. There is an urgent need to understand how local societies — whose knowledge systems are put forward as paths for improving environmental management — adapt their knowledge systems to the new environmental arena, to trade circuits that put forward green labels and to the very fact that local knowledge has become a new resource for development. The organization of the congress will actively aim at discussing new concepts and innovative methodologies to understanding local knowledge in the context of the discourse and the practice of sustainable development.

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