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Journal of Political Ecology 1 avril 2014

New Issue

Journal of Political Ecology
 The biopolitics of 'food insecurity': towards a critical political ecology of the body in studies of women's transnational migration. By Megan A. Carney. Pp 1-18. PDF

    Between activism and science: grassroots concepts for sustainability coined by Environmental Justice Organizations. By Joan Martinez-Alier, Isabelle Anguelovski, Patrick Bond, Daniela Del Bene, Federico Demaria, Julien-Francois Gerber, Lucie Greyl, Willi Haas, Hali Healy, Victoria Marín-Burgos, Godwin Ojo, Marcelo Firpo Porto, Leida Rijnhout, Beatriz Rodríguez-Labajos, Joachim Spangenberg, Leah Temper, Rikard Warlenius and Ivonne Yánez. Pp 19-60. PDF

    A multiple knowledge approach for adaptation to environmental change: lessons learned from coastal Louisiana's tribal communities. By Julie Koppel Maldonado. Pp 61-82. PDF

    Weathering the 'Long Wounded Year': livelihoods, nutrition, and changing political ecologies in the Mikea Forest Region, Madagascar. By Amber R. Huff. Pp 83-107. PDF This paper was winner of the Eric Wolf Prize, Political Ecology Society, 2013.

    Political ecology of movement: trekking and territoriality among the Kayapó. By Laura Zanotti. Pp 108-126. PDF

Nos. 6-11: Special Section on "Non-capitalist political ecologies," edited by Brian Burke and Boone Shear.

    Introduction: engaged scholarship for non-capitalist political ecologies. By Brian Burke and Boone Shear. Pp 127-144. PDF

    Fair Trade Towns USA: growing the market within a diverse economy. By Sarah Lyon. Pp 145-160. PDF

    Thinking through affect: Inuit knowledge on the tundra and in global environmental politics. By Noor Johnson. Pp 161-177. PDF

    Seeds of trust. Italy's Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale (Solidarity Purchase Groups). By Cristina Grasseni. Pp 178-192. PDF

    Making the green economy: politics, desire, and economic possibility. By Boone Shear. Pp 193-209. PDF

    The biopolitics of community economies in the era of the Anthropocene. By Stephen Healy. Pp 210-221. PDF

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