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ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS Volume 22 6 novembre 2013

ENVIRONMENTAL POLITICS Volume 22 Number 6 November 2013
is now online at: www.tandfonline.com/toc/fenp20/current

Research Articles
Post-environmentalism: an internal critique
Christopher D. Buck 883
Turning carbon into gold: the financialisation of international climate policy
David Layfield 901
China’s failure of policy innovation: the case of sulphur dioxide emission trading
Sangbum Shin 918
Still saving the earth? The European Parliament’s environmental record
Charlotte Burns, Neil Carter, Graeme A.M. Davies and Nicholas Worsfold 935
Representative democracy, empowered experts, and citizen participation: visions of green governing
Erik Hysing 955
Transparency in conservation: rare species, secret files, and democracy
Markku Oksanen and Anne Kumpula 975
Between nature and culture: exploring space for indigenous agency in the Convention on Biological Diversity
Elsa Reimerson 992
Can anyone hate the bicycle? The hunt for an optimal local transportation policy to encourage bicycle usage
José I. Castillo-Manzano and Antonio Sánchez-Braza 1010
Power politics in the revision of China’s Environmental Protection Law
Lei Zhang, Guizhen He, Arthur P.J. Mol and Xiao Zhu 1029
Featured Book Review
China: toward a low-carbon economy?
Diarmuid Torney 1036
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