Portail des Humanités Environnementales

Environmental Politics. New Issue 1 février 2014

Volume 23 Number 1 February 2014
is now online at: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/fenp20/current#.UvoDUf2ln8s

 Environmental Politics. New Issue


EU climate policy after the crisis?
Jakob Skovgaard 1

Policy tools for green growth in the EU15: a Qualitative Comparative Analysis
?Alessia Damonte 18

Regulating innovation: European responses to shale gas development?
Francis McGowan 41

Sand in the cogs? Power and public participation in the Alberta tar sands?
Evan Bowness and Mark Hudson 59

Unstable shafts and shaky pillars: institutional capacity and sustainable mineral? policy in Canada?
Mary Louise McAllister, Patricia Fitzpatrick and Alberto Fonseca 77

Enough of that already: sufficiency-based challenges to high-carbon? consumption in Canada?
Anders Hayden 97

Do parties matter for international environmental cooperation? An analysis of environmental treaty participation by advanced industrialised democracies?
Kai Schulze 115

Becoming Citizen Green: prefigurative politics, autonomous geographies, and? hoping against hope?
Kelvin Mason 140


The Greens in the German federal elections of 2013?
Wolfgang Rüdig 159

A referendum on the carbon tax? The 2013 Australian election, the Greens, and? the environment?
Christopher Rootes 166

Canadian environmental policy under Conservative majority rule?
Robert MacNeil 174


Climate change: mitigation, adaptation, and development?
Robert Paehlke 179