Portail des Humanités Environnementales

Environmental Politics 5 septembre 2014

Volume 23 Number 5 September 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: Innovations in Climate Policy: The Politics of Invention, Diffusion and Evaluation


Environmental Politics

Innovations in climate policy: the politics of invention, diffusion, and evaluation
Andrew Jordan and Dave Huitema 715

Instrument constituencies and the supply side of policy innovation: the social
life of emissions trading
Jan-Peter Voß and Arno Simons 735

Policy invention as evolutionary tinkering and codification: the emergence of
feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity
David Jacobs 755

Climate policy innovation: a sociotechnical transitions perspective
Paul Upham, Paula Kivimaa, Per Mickwitz and Kerstin Åstrand 774

Kindred spirits or intergovernmental competition? The innovation and diffusion
of energy policies in the American states (1990–2008)
Daniel C. Matisoff and Jason Edwards 795

Innovation in climate adaptation policy: are regional partnerships catalysts or
talking shops?
Anja Bauer and Reinhard Steurer 818

Evaluation, assessment, and policy innovation: exploring the links in relation to
emissions trading
Mikael Hildén 839

The innovativeness of national policy portfolios – climate policy change in
Austria, Germany, and the UK
André Schaffrin, Sebastian Sewerin and Sibylle Seubert 860

Climate policy innovation: developing an evaluation perspective
Mikael Hildén, Andrew Jordan and Tim Rayner 884

Innovations in climate policy: conclusions and new directions
Andrew Jordan and Dave Huitema 906

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