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Culture, Justice, Environment 6 août 2014

Colloque de l'ALECC (Association for Literature, Environment, Culture in Canada) - 6 au 12 août - "Culture, Justice, Environnement"

Culture, Justice, Environment
In his provocative book Slow Violence (2011), literary scholar Rob Nixon argues that new vocabularies, images, and narrative modes and figures must emerge in order to adequately describe and respond to environmental violence and injustice, such as the loss of livelihoods due to deforestation, poisoned waterways, or climate change. Nixon emphasizes the role of writers, literary scholars, and other cultural workers in environmental debate precisely for their ability to give public presence to what has been culturally unseen or neglected. Debilitating environmental illnesses too “slow” to fit the standard disaster narrative. Memories of what a place has meant to those who made their lives there. Transnational resource extraction industries and resistance movements. Animate worlds where diverse species meet. Imagined landscapes of futures desired and disavowed. Placing “justice” at the intersection of culture and environment, the 2014 ALECC conference invites critical and creative reflection on the socio-ecological dimensions of historical and contemporary cultural practices and productions.

The conference features a combination of scholarly papers, creative writing, film, roundtable discussions, keynote presentations, and field trips.

Voir le programme ici : https://conferences.lakeheadu.ca/alecc/
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