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Contemplative Environmental Studies 28 juillet 2013

Atelier 2013 « Contemplative Environmental Studies : Pedagogy for Self and Planet ». A workshop/retreat for professors July 28 - August 3, 2013. Location: Lama Foundation, San Cristobal, New Mexico ; San Cristobal, New Mexico.

Contemplative Environmental Studies

How can higher education best address global environmental challenges? How can we most meaningfully teach and research about environmental issues? How can we cultivate our inner lives through active engagement with environmental challenges?

This workshop explores the contribution of contemplative practices to scholarly inquiry and teaching in environmental studies. Through discussions with distinguished scholars, focused conversations among colleagues, artistic exercises, and regular contemplative practice (meditation, yoga, journaling, and nature walks), participants will investigate ways to deepen their teaching, research, and lives at this historic moment of environmental intensification.
Part workshop and part retreat, this 6-day summer institute provides an opportunity to step back from the frenetic pace of our lives, and cultivate our inner resources and nurture the resiliency we need as teachers committed to education on a fragile and wild planet.
Publié ici : http://www.american.edu/sis/gep/Contemplative-Environmental-Studies-Workshop.cfm