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Appel à propositions – "Fractured Ecologies" 10 octobre 2013

Ireland and Ecocriticism. Call for Papers for essay collection, "Fractured Ecologies". Posted on October 10, 2013 Updated on October 10, 2013.

Appel à propositions – "Fractured Ecologies"
Fractured Ecologies
Call for contributions to an edited collection on environmentalcriticism and radical experimental writingSince the 1990s, ecocriticism has influenced the ways we study literature, butfractures remain. If environmental scholars are to continue to challenge conventionalapproaches to literary study, inventive methods must be continually developed andimproved. British scholar Harriet Tarlo has made a call for environmentalengagement with experimental writing, and reminds us that “very few eco-critics engage with innovative or experimental writing.” Franca Bellarsi agrees, and emphasizes the real need to research “green ethics in different avant-garde practices.” And while there has been some preliminary ecocritical work on what canbe called experimental nature-writing, so far the most radical writing forms havelargely been overlooked. Wild avant-garde writing is a limit case of sorts, and thedifficulties in studying such forms are impossible to really avoid. But the lack of ecological perspectives on experimental writing justifies and demands moreattention. Moreover, conventional academic publishing outlets have promoted arather homogenous and monocultural understanding of scholarship that excludesinventive fringe observations. Therefore, Fractured Ecologies
welcomes rigorousand irreverent papers that address radical experimental writing and other borderlinemanifestations in an environmental context. The fundamental question that Fractured Ecologies will attempt to address is: How does radical experimentalwriting contribute to the ways we think about ecology? Suggested topics mayinclude but are not limited to discussions of ecology in a wide sense and:
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