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Appel à contributions 15 septembre 2014

Workshop: Political Ecologies of the Green Economy
Litteraturhuset; Oslo 10-11. December 2014.

Appel à contributions
The Norwegian network on Political Ecology will organise a workshop in Oslo during 10. - 11. December 2014 on the theme "Political Ecologies of the Green Economy".

The deadline for abstracts is September 15st (300
words) and the deadline for full papers is November

There will also be space for a few participants
without a paper to present. The deadline for
registration for those without a paper is November

Abstracts, papers and workshop registration should be
emailed to


Keynote speakers:
* Giorgos Kallis, Autonomous University of Barcelona: Imaginaries of hope. The utopianism of degrowth
* Erik Reinert, Tallinn University: Renewable energy and green growth
* Bill Adams, University of Cambridge:Treaties with the enemy: the reasonable politics of greening the economy
* Sian Sullivan, Bath Spa University: What's ontology got to do with it? On nature, knowledge and 'the green economy'
You will find more information about the workshop in the attachment.

We also encourage you to distribute this invitation to
others that may be interested in participating in this

There will be some support to those presenting papers at the workshop.

En savoir plus ici : http://www.ntnu.edu/political-ecology/political-ecologies-of-the-green-economy
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