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Aesthetics in Action 21 juillet 2013

International Congress « Aesthetics in Action », International Association for Aesthetics, 2013 July 21-27, Krakow, Poland.

Aesthetics in Action
Ce colloque se propose de traiter du thème suivant : Aesthetics in action.
Les sous thématiques et ateliers comprennent :
Aesthetics – visions and revisions
Changes in Art; past and present
Aesthetics in Practice; the aesthetic factor in religion, ethics, education, politics, law, economy, trade, fashion, sport, everyday life etc.
Aesthetics and Nature; evolutionism, ecology, posthumanism…
Body Aesthetics; soma and senses
Art and Science
Technologies and Bio-technologies in aesthetics and art
Architecture and Urban Space
Cultural and Intercultural Studies in Aesthetics
The Sphere of Transition; transections, transformations, transfigurations in culture, aesthetics and the arts
Publié ici : http://www.ica2013.pl/
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